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  • Upgrade Your
    VR Arsenal

    Available for

  • Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro VR gunstock controller support
  • Valve Index VR gunstock controller support
  • PlayeStation VR 2 VR gunstock controller support
  • Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift S VR gunstock controller support
  • Pico 4 VR gunstock controller support
  • HTC Vive VR gunstock controller support
  • HP Reverb G2 VR gunstock controller support
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Any gun shape and size.
Morph in Seconds.

One Stock to Wield Them All

Adapt Mid-Game.

Perfect alignment.

No Tools Required.

Master in seconds.
Then Dominate.

Zero fumbling.

Intuitive controller connection.

Fast consistent reloads.

Instant switching to pistols, grenades and looting.

  • jBahr VR

    "The OneStock truly is an incredible stock if you are looking for something that is completely adjustable and something that has a high skill ceiling."

  • TimelessVR

    "I really like this stock honestly, especially for sniping, like holy shit this stock is kind of crazy."
    "For people that love stocks, it is genuinely a great option and I will be using it more for sniping during my streams and videos"

  • Samuel Jones Tech

    "I would definitely recommend getting a OneStock. It does improve your game, enhances your immersion, and it is actually quite easy to use, which VR stocks normally aren't."

  • VR ManCave

    "With the OneStock, stock calibration (in game menus) isn´t even required at all, because you can simply switch guns and then generally under 10 seconds your weapon is fully aligned with your stock. Its a fairly simple design but so effective."

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No more compromises.

Groundbreaking design. Seamless experience.

For those who don't settle for less than the best.

Wield VR OneStock

The Future of VR Gaming Precision.

Align Your VR Weapons Perfectly.

The only VR gunstock allowing perfect sights alignment on the fly.

For those who don't settle for "almost there".

No more wasting hours in calibration menus.


Available For All Major VR Systems.

Top-Mounted for immersion.
Bottom-Mounted for eSports.

Works for lefties too.

The Story Behind the Best Damn VR Gunstock in the World.

Made by VR Enthusiasts, for VR Enthusiasts

WieldVR OneStock (VR Gunstock) demo user

Made for Speed & Precision

Our goal was simple: Create a VR gunstock that is so fast, intuitive, and easy to use that people will think "This is the future!"

The OneStock brings on-the-fly adjustability that gives you the perfect correlation between the virtual and real.

Enjoy enhanced immersion with no more tedious calibration - save time for actually playing the games instead of navigating menus.

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What Do The Users Say ?

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  • Very intuitive

    "It was much better than I expected, especially compared to the other devices, I could see myself using this. It was just much easier to use than other ones, very intuitive."

    -Pyry P.

  • Fulfills expectations

    "This kind of an easy length adjustment is what a product like this is supposed to have. Seamless and comfortable.

    -Julius K.

  • Versatile and user-friendly

    "The on-the-fly adjustability really gives it a versatile and easy access while we are playing. So, you don't have to each time take off your headset. it's user-friendly, let's put it that way."

    -Anum R.