About Us

From VR enthusiasts, for VR enthusiasts

Our view is that Virtual Reality is truly amazing and world-changing. Wield VR is a startup company based in Tampere, Finland. We are dedicated to redefining how VR games are played.

We see VR as the future of gaming, but the attention generally given to making physical interaction better in VR games has been greatly neglected in the industry. There are even movements towards hand-tracking, where physical interaction is missing completely.

In the realm of VR gaming, where others see barriers, we see opportunities - to innovate, to disrupt, and to unequivocally triumph. Our vision is to provide the best possible means for our customers to have maximal gaming experiences that you just can't get by floating 2 separate controllers in the air with your hands. A physical object is needed to be held and operated by your hands.

For the gamer who refuses to be shackled by limitations, who demands more than mere participation, Wield VR is not just an accessory; it’s a declaration of mastery, an assertion of dominance, and a ticket to unparalleled, immersive gaming experiences. Everything we do can be traced down to a single aim: how can we make our products better to use, so that we can provide you the best possible gaming experiences. We make products that are as simple as possible in their construction and usage, but still remarkably easy and fast to customize, while conveying the most authentic and realistic feel of the virtual objects to our users.

Even before being released to the market, our products have already been featured on multiple local high-profile gaming and startup business events. We're excited and proud of being leaders in this amazing global community. We hope you stay tuned, as there is a lot more coming from our direction.

  • Timo Ahlgrén

    Founder & CEO

    Tech & Gaming enthusiast infinitely passionate about VR and realistic and immersive gaming experiences. A visionary dedicated to redefining the neglected VR accessory niche with products that redefine what accessible means.

  • Grigory Belyaevsky

    Co-founder & COO

    Fueled by a passion for deciphering consumer behavior and its tech connection, strategically applying innovative solutions and merging market insight for impactful outcomes.

  • Jeffrey Mayeda

    Community Manager & videography

    American born, loud, and overly friendly. I’ll be running the Discord channel, responding to questions, and directing feedback to the right places. I am addicted to movies with a burning passion for video editing.

  • Samu Ahlgrén

    Production manager & product designer

    A gaming enthusiast at heart with a passion for VR. I make sure that every version of the OneStock we make is as good as it can be regardless of what VR system you are using.

Our History

VR Gunstcok Design Since 2018

Wield VR was born as a passion project to solve personal issues faced in hobbies. VR shooters did not give the level of experience that simulators did, due to lacking gear. Solutions found on the market were dissatisfactory so our Founder Timo decided to invent his own solution to add tactility to VR FPS gaming.

Check it out!
  • The second ever public showing of the OneStock prototype in 2022.

  • Wield VR Founder & CEO Timo answering questions for the early stage startup pitching competition jury.

  • Timo on Stage after winning the startup pitching competition with the OneStock prototype.

Wield VR Team on Stage

As one of the top 15 Nordic startups at the Arctic15 Startup Event pitching competition in Helsinki in June 2023.