NEVER Miss Sniper Shots in VR Again- Ghosts of Tabor

OneStock VR Gunstock: Insights from Timeless VR

Welcome, fellow VR gamers! Today, we're looking at the OneStock VR gunstock review video by none other than Timeless VR. In a recent Island Raid, Timeless VR took our OneStock VR Gunstock for a spin in the haunting landscapes of Ghosts of Tabor.

In Timeless VR's own words, the OneStock VR Gunstock is "the first fully versatile on-the-fly VR gunstock." His initial reaction left him captivated by its adaptability and versatility.

For Timeless VR, the true impact of the OneStock revealed itself during moments of long-range sniping. While he typically favors free-handed play, he couldn't help but be impressed by the stability and accuracy our gunstock provided. After quickly scoping in and sniping an enemy he excitingly said , "Nice! I really like this stock honestly, specially for sniping. I don't think I´ll use it for anything other than sniping because stocks just aren't my thing, but holy shit this stock is kind of crazy."

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As Timeless VR embarked on second raid of the video, he shared his evolving perspective on VR gunstocks. Despite his initial skepticism, he found himself warming up to the OneStock, particularly when it came to sniping. In his own words, "I am warming up to the gunstock a lot more and starting to really like it" a testament to the transformative power of the OneStock. Where it turns free handed players to really consider making it a part of their VR arsenal to enhance their gameplay.

In his closing remarks, Timeless VR delivered an honest view of the OneStock VR Gunstock. While it may not be his preferred choice for all playstyles, its impact on his sniping precision was undeniable. As he reflected on his experience, he affirmed, "For people that love stocks, it is genuinely a great option. And I will be using it more for sniping during my streams and videos" If you are ready to upgrade your VR arsenal with the OneStock, check out his review and many others to find your exclusive invite codes!


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