Best Way to Use Shotguns in VR Shooters

Insights on the OneStock´s Most Hyped Features

Greetings VR gamers,
MagyarFarkasVR from Hungary recently took the plunge into the world of WieldVR using the OneStock, and the results were nothing short of revolutionary. His initial reaction was as we expected, surprised at the ease of use right of the unboxing. Allowing him to quickly set it up to his liking and hop into gaming.

One of the standout feature he highlighted is our solution to a common VR gamer obstacle—the pump shotgun. With the OneStock, you can keep your controller in place, release the latch, and experience a fluid, uninterrupted pump action usage. 

As stated by MagyarFarkasVR, "This gunstock has a very cool feature which is my personal favorite, and that is the shotgun! You simply grab it, release the latch, grab the shotgun, feel the front and shoot and reload instantly. With older gunstocks this was not possible, you had to constantly be in the air which made the immersion worse.” This was a total game-changer for him, eliminating the need to release the gunstock and ensuring an immersive gaming experience.

MagyarFarkasVR Tries Out WieldVr OneStock: The Best Gunstock in the World?

**Maybe a WieldVR Invite there, watch and find out :)**

He also put our unusual open grip design to the test, trying out reloads and fast switches to his throwables, he praised the OneStock for its ability of quick grenade throws and speedy reloads; which further enhanced his immersion while playing VR shooters.

The gameplay segment sealed the deal for MagyarFarkasVR, taking his VR gaming experience to unprecedented heights. He declared OneStock a solution to the nagging problems faced by VR gamers, and after 20-25 hours of extensive gameplay, he could not find a solid fault to pull from.

If you are interested in more of his content make sure to check out his socials and see him have a lot more fun with our innovative pump action feature as seen in this video! And if you are ready to upgrade your VR arsenal with the OneStock, check out his review and many others to find your exclusive invite codes!

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