Community-driven VR gunstock sells out overnight showing gamers are hungry for elite FPS gameplay and status


With crowdsourced input from gamers, the Wield VR OneStock prioritizes immersive and fluid gameplay, rapid equipment switching, and handling numerous weapons.

Helsinki, Finland (February 20th, 2024) Today, gaming VR technology startup Wield VR has announced a new production run of its new universal VR gunstock after the latest batch quickly sold out amid positive initial reviews. The Wield VR OneStock has been co-designed with gamers to address commonly experienced issues with VR gunstocks, such as ease of use, broken immersion, and lack of tactile feel in the players’ hands.

The OneStock provides the ability to switch the gunstock shape on the fly in VR games without tools or removing one’s headgear, giving players unbroken immersion in the game. Compared to previously available gunstock products, the OneStock can be adjusted six times faster to represent different weapons in VR games.

The idea of the OneStock was born from gamers’ wishes for the ultimate VR gunstock after CEO Timo Ahlgrén, himself an avid gamer, had disappointing experiences with VR accessories. 

“I know the frustration with switching VR gadgets mid-game, misalignment issues with the VR gunstock and the in-game weapon, and the plain bad quality and rigidity of most VR gunstocks. If you have a clumsy gunstock, you’re dead before you can switch guns,” says Ahlgrén.

The OneStock has been reiterated hundreds of times over the three years of development and has gone through rigorous quality control. The latest second-generation version was born in record time thanks to crowdsourced input and feature requests from gamer communities and thousands of comments in viral social media videos since November 2023.

Ahlgrén continues: “I wanted something that could provide the feel of the gun you were holding in-game and to be able to switch it out in any game without tools, on the fly. When we built it, I asked the gaming community to try it and give feedback or challenge us. There is a pretty widespread belief that anyone can create a VR gunstock by simply 3D printing it which is rooted in gamers being used to low-quality VR products. In the end, this helped us build a superior product and now we are working to meet the demand. We want to elevate the VR gunstock experience because gamers deserve better.” 

Ahlgrén and Wield VR have long been advocates for advancing more tactile gaming. Previously, the answer for first-person shooters was for gamers to buy more specific equipment to simulate an immersive, physical connection with the game. Now the trend in many games has been pushing players to lose the sense of touch altogether by holding one’s arms in a simulated position in the game as the answer to multiple weapon options.

Gamers believe this is the wrong way to go.

“You can’t beat the feel of a real physical item that responds quickly and brings the game from your VR headset into your hands. The real test has been when our users have gone back to playing without the OneStock. They immediately realize that the game is no longer as good as it could be without proper tactile representation in their hands,” says Ahlgrén. “This feedback has given us the confidence to keep at our mission to advance tactile gaming and a better experience with VR. Instead of lowering expectations due to bad products, gamers can and should demand better.”

The upcoming second-generation Wield VR OneStock is priced at $159 and is available for limited pre-order via invite only. It is compatible with Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro, PS VR2, Oculus Quest 1, Oculus Rift S, Valve Index, HTC Vive, Pico 4, and HB Reverb G2. Additional controller mounts are also available.

The next production batch is estimated to ship by early April.


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