How Wield VR Revolutionized VR Gunstocks

Wield VR´s mission is clear. In the realm of VR gaming where there are many barriers we see opportunities to innovate and disrupt the VR industry starting with VR Gunstocks! 

The OneStock wages war on the mediocracy of current VR Gunstocks which is plagued by poor quality 3D prints. The OneStock revolutionizes the VR FPS experience as the first fully versatile, on-the-fly adjustable VR gunstock that can simulate any shaped and sized weapon perfectly and effortlessly in seconds, forever changing the way you experience VR shooters.

Designed with ease of use and quality in mind, it is made for VR players of all skill levels, allowing you to dive into gaming right out of the box! Additionally, it works with all major VR systems: Quest 2, Quest 3, Quest Pro, PlayStation VR 2, Valve Index, and more, in all VR games that feature two-handed guns.


Learn of the passion and thought process of the OneStock´s Revolutionary Design

The visionary founder and CEO of Wield VR, Timo, unveils his expertise in how sim racing insights led to inventing the game-changing technology behind the OneStock.

How WieldVR revolutionized What VR Gunstocks Can Do

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