Wield VR: OneStock - Exclusive Insights from PCGamesN

Hello fellow gamers! Today we are tuning into the article written by Niall Walsh, exclusively unveiled by the go-to for gaming insights, PCgamesn.com. Dive headfirst into their insights on Wield VR's OneStock—a virtual reality game-changer rewriting the rulebook for FPS virtual reality dominance.

PCGamesN and WieldVR on the OneStock VR Gunstock
In their article, they highlight the OneStock´s versatility stating that "The versatility of the OneStock is impressive because anyone could have released a fixed gun-like controller and called it a day, in fact, many already exist. Instead, Wield VR created an accessory that can mimic multiple weapon types and sizes but also considers how gameplay can change in the blink of an eye." This puts light on what WieldVR CEO Timo Ahlgrén envisioned while designing the OneStock. Tied of lazy 3d print and constricting design on traditional VR gunstocks his aim is to shake the ground and make people realize that there is much more to improve in VR FPS accessories, and it had to start with VR gunstocks.

Simple Solution for Versatility 

Walsh hits the nail on the head when he describes the OneStock´s adjustments as "simple as finding a clasp to extend or shorten the barrel, while the stock distance, height, and orientation are also easy to adjust with short, simple actions."

Simple OneStock Adjustments

Say goodbye to the long technical sessions of using a screwdriver to adjust your VR gunstock to your size and to the weapon you desire. With the OneStock these adjustments are made simple and designed to only take you a few seconds without needing to remove yourself from the action. And do not even mention a calibration menus around Timo, he has made sure the design is so intuitive you can calibrate your weapons without opening the menu.

Bang for Your Buck

We recognize $159 for the OneStock can be a hefty price at first glance, but this isn’t a mere accessory; it’s a strategic upgrade to your VR arsenal. Walsh addresses the price as a small price to pay when you take into account how it will impact your VR FPS gameplay. Beyond just stabilizing your aim WieldVR´s OneStock design is meant to be lasting and durable, to withstand long gaming sessions and be there as you switch or upgrade your VR system without purchasing a new VR Gunstock.  PCgamesn.com echoes the sentiment, recognizing the OneStock’s prowess in transforming the potentially awkward VR gun-wielding into a tangible, commanding force. Your gameplay just ascended to a new realm of dominance.

Available for ALL, but be Quick 

The WieldVR OneStock is set to be available for all major VR systems, including Meta Quest 3, 2, and Pro, PSVR2, Valve Index, and Pico 4. And it almost goes without mention, but it will work for all FPS games that offer dual grip weapons such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and SMGs.


We extend appreciation to Niall Walsh and PCgamesn.com for thrusting the Wield VR OneStock into the light. For the OneStock, we've adopted an invite system to receive the OneStock. Why the invite-only system? As a startup facing unprecedented demand this system allows us to meticulously control the demand and ensure that every invite results in a prepared and ready-to-ship product. When you receive an invite, rest assured, a OneStock is waiting for you. So, If you are interested in the next wave of pre-orders register now for the OneStock waitlist, or find an invite code in the reviews of your favorite VR content creators and join the revolution.

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