Why an Invite System and How Can You Get One?

Greetings, OneStock enthusiasts! Today we will break down the OneStock´s invite only launch and what it means for you. Let's cut to the chase. We're a startup with ambitions as high as the demand for the OneStock itself; which is said by PGamesN to be "a revolutionary new VR accessory that’s proving difficult to get a hold of, largely due to its already booming popularity."

High demand and limited resources mean we need to be strategic. The invite system serves to manage peak demand, ensuring that order volumes remain manageable when videos of our products go viral again. This helps maintain reasonable delivery times and prevents excessive delays caused by the line to get the Onestock getting too long.

How Can I Receive an Invite?

The best way to receive an invite is by looking through the OneStock reviews. There you will find the exclusive invite codes which are within videos or in the description of the reviews VR content creators such as Samuel Jones TechVirtumaniacos, and MagyarfarkasVR have made on the OneStock.

If all of the exclusive invite codes are already used, you can join the waiting list. Once on the waiting list, your position on the leaderboard determines when you'll receive an invitation to purchase the OneStock. The higher your placement, the earlier you get the invite. Upon receiving the invitation, you'll have 48 hours to make your purchase using the provided invite code. To expedite the process, consider referring friends to the waiting list and climb up the leaderboard!

WieldVR invites you to join in this thrilling journey. Our spirit is driven by our community which is the reason why before the OneStock launch and estimated dates of delivery were revealed, our team worked endlessly to make sure the product designed through crowdsourced feedback was optimal. The OneStock Invite-Only implementation is another step taken to ensure we deliver each OneStock and meet the expectations of our community.

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